Our Proprietary Programs

Exchange and integration of knowledge and tools between disciplines.

Groupe Hémisphères INNOVATES by putting in place internal committees of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR & ED).

We create and optimize computer programs to improve the practice of collecting and analyzing data, as well as to ensure optimal quality and raise the standard level of environmental expertise.


Ecosystems inventory program; Manages data specific to inventories of ecosystems and ecological mapping. Generates synthetic ecosystem to quickly visualize the characteristics of communities surveyed, their quality and potential relationships. Designed to be used on Windows or iPad tablet ECOTYPE© has a system of quality control that instantly makes the data acquisition in the field.


Management system for bird inventories; Compile ornithological data collected and integrates data from external partners (ministries, agencies, birding clubs). Allows multiple analyzes relevant to the assessment of impacts of a project, some of which are specifically adapted to wind projects quickly generates statistics. In parallel, puts data collected to those major migratory bird observatories in Quebec.


Hydrological data management system; Set of long time series of weather data and flow generates daily or monthly water balance and displays the hydrograph flow / precipitation. SYSQVA© manages aspects of the process of gauging ensuring the quality of the resulting calibration equations. The program must be able to import the raw files of various manufacturers and combine different sets of time intervals.


Retrieval system for status species; Program to assess the potential presence wildlife and plant species status in a given sector and according to criteria specific to the study site. Target accurately the lists of species adapted to each project.


Automatic calculation program of ecological values; Production of ecological value cards of terrestrial and wetland environments by computer modeling to cover vast territory at low cost. Can be adapted to different projects according to the desired endpoints.


Program data processing sanitary records; Unique approach to optimal treatment and low-cost characterization of self-septic systems (ISA) and the constraints of the territory in connection with municipal data banks. SEPTICUS© includes aid to the classification of septic systems in tight compliance criteria and analysis of the environmental performance of the SI system. Designed for tablet use, it possesses a system of internal quality control operating in real-time data acquisition.