Sanitation Survey, Soil Expertise, Plans and Specifications

Groupe Hémisphères offers services to help you manage your properties or future development projects, in keeping with the Regulation respecting waste water disposal systems for isolated dwellings (c. Q-2, r. 22).

In order to prevent and fix potential problems, it is important to get a clear picture of wastewater management along lakes and streams. Strict management of wastewater is especially useful for remote residences that are not connected to the municipal sewer system.

  • Waste Water Disposal System Characterization and Performance Assessment

    This service will enable you to identify nuisances and fix systems that are defective or that pose a threat of directly or indirectly contaminating surface waters. Creating ideal wastewater treatment conditions is fundamental to the preservation of waterways. The methodology used by Groupe Hémisphères meets and even exceeds the requirements of the MDDEP’s Guide for conducting sanitary surveys. As such, Groupe Hémisphères:

    • analyzes existing data;
    • characterizes septic systems and the natural bottom;
    • produces a map showing the constraints associated with the treatment of water for remote residences (slope, deposit thickness, soil characteristics, presence of rock outcrops) at the watershed level;
    • provides a relevant compliance and performance diagnostic;
    • promotes the voluntary repair of systems by affected owners;
    • develops a communication strategy for riverbank residents using documents appropriate for the audience, through public presentations or with the preparation of an individual technical report;
    • implements an action plan by proposing appropriate solutions and follow-up tools.
  • Soil Expertise

    With a good understanding of soils, it is possible to determine the effectiveness of septic systems and precisely quantify the phosphorus removal rates of potential septic systems. Groupe Hémisphères:

    • conducts a preliminary constraint assessment by examining the nature of surface deposits, drainage and slope classes as well as geomorphological maps;
    • characterizes the natural site and bottom;
    • provides soil expertise;
    • puts together a case demonstrating wastewater contamination of waterways or drinking water sources.

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