Bienvenue chez Groupe Hemispheres!

We are your environmental advisors.

Whether you are a citizen, a municipal or governmental representative or in the private sector, we have the expertise and multidisciplinary team to meet your environmental needs.

Our Services…

Territorial Ecosystem Development and Environmental Engineering

We fully master the tools necessary to better manage a territory and offer turnkey management solutions.

Ecosystem Characterization and Mapping

We offer a complete range of services to better understand how ecosystems work and better manage your territory as a result.

Lake and Stream Preservation

We offer a complete range of services that will help you develop projects in a spirit of sustainable development.

Environmental Assessments

Our personalized approach allows a company’s directors to know where they stand regarding the environmental impacts of their projects and the best ways to mitigate them.

Environmental Communication and Management

Communication is crucial in the field of environment. We provide complete communication campaigns to inform and reassure your target clients about the real issues of your projects.

Wastewater Management

The methodology used by Groupe Hemispheres meets and even exceeds the requirements of the MDDEP’s Guide for conducting sanitary surveys.

Latest News…

(Français) 17-18 Novembre 2016 – Congrès de l’ABQ

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Thursday August 18th, 2016Actualités

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(Français) 9-10 Novembre 2016 – Symposium sur la gestion de l’eau

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Thursday August 18th, 2016Actualités

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(Français) 1-2-3 Novembre 2016 – Rendez-vous international sur la gestion intégrée de l’eau

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Thursday August 18th, 2016Actualités

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(Français) 15 Septembre 2016 – Conférence 33e Journée de conférence à Chicoutimi

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Thursday August 18th, 2016Événements

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Clients are our most important asset…

We want to thank you so much for the work that Groupe Hemispheres has done for our Lake Association. Your staff’s role at last Saturdays series of meetings and review of properties was invaluable. Your excellent skills at diffusing difficult situations can truly influence people in a very informative way. Your professional credentials were so welcome by everyone. All of you have been remarkable and we hope that we will have continued relationship with you and your group. Sincerely.
Susan Bihun, President, Association du Lac-aux-Brochets de Mulgrave-et-Derry Lake Association

Our Offices

Quebec-Chaudieres-Appalaches Office

5731, Saint-Louis Street, Suite 201
Levis (Quebec) G6V 4E2

Phone: 418-903-9678
Toll-free: 1-866-574-7032
Fax: 418-838-1855

Montreal’s Office

1453, Beaubien Street E., Suite 301
Montreal (Quebec) H2G 3C6
Phone: 514-509-6572
Toll-free: 1-866-569-7140
Fax: 514-509-6573

On the Pulse of the Environment

P rotecting the environment is an important issue for citizens, companies and the different levels of government. The associated challenges are complex and often require the involvement of experts from various fields.

Founded in 2004 by seasoned professionals in the field of the environment, Hemispheres Group consists of a strong team of biologists, geographers, GIS specialists, specialized technicians and engineers able to set the record straight on the environment.

The company has a wide knowledge of issues related to the legal aspects, characterization and the management of aquatic, riparian and terrestrial environments as well as the assessment of impacts on the environment. Its mission is to provide consulting services of high quality to meet client requirements in an updated approach.

With institutions located in Levis and Montreal, Groupe Hemispheres is a key player in environmental and sustainable planning in Quebec. The company also produces major mandates in Atlantic provinces.

Quality control is important for Groupe Hemispheres, which decided to implement a program requiring the verification and approval by a senior professional of any concept or report.
The company has developed a quality, health and safety system based on ISO 9001: 2008. Special consideration has also been given to applicable legislation. Moreover, the company has developed a prevention plan and provides its team members with the necessary tools and support to equip them to handle the emergency situations that could occur during field work. For additional information, refer to our quality, health and safety policy by clicking this link.