What Sets Us Apart

With every mandate, Groupe Hémisphères uses a personalized approach that meets the most stringent quality standards in the industry and is adapted to the specific needs of its clients.

Accuracy for the environment

Protecting the environment is important to citizens, companies and the different levels of government. The associated challenges are complex and often require the involvement of experts from various fields.

Professionalism and integration of disciplines

  • Proximity approach to enable better listening to customer needs. Collaborative approach to ensure that the final product meets customer needs;
  • Validates methods and protocols work with ministerial representatives; familiar in negotiations with them; recognized expertise in various regional offices of ministries;
  • Qualified since 2004 as consultant for Public Works and Government Services Canada, the company not only gets excellent projects evaluations, but enhances the standard level of environmental expertise;
  • Works collaboratively with Aboriginal communities and is open to learn from them;
  • Aware of the logistics associated with work in northern and remote areas;
  • Commonly works in both official languages.

A clear and specific expertise at the heart of geomatics tools…

  • Works with an appropriate scale as required for the project, on small-scale or large-scale mapping, with a high degree of accuracy (eg number of watercourses or the presence of treed bog); 
  • Able to extract the maximum data available from imagery;
  • Synthesizes the available information in a way to highlight interactions between the physical and biological components of ecosystems and humans living within them;
  • Familiar with indicators and key species to identify “hot spots”;
  • Works cooperatively with the tools used by municipalities (municipal role evaluation, land use and development plan);
  • Ecological approach per ecosystem involving various fields of ecology to create an inclusive portrait of the environment;
  • Determines the required optimal survey level field for each project, in order to limit costs.

The specialist in lakes and their watersheds

Assists municipalities and MRCs in the application of regulations affecting water management

  • Development of tools for wastewater management systems for isolated dwellings;
  • Development of an innovative approach to analyze natural constraints (Management and Conservation) and anthropogenic stresses at the scale of the watershed to acquire knowledge of the environment and phosphorus balance;
  • Management of surface runoff by a less invasive approach, problems of erosion, engineering culverts in rural areas or ecological diagnosis of lakes;
  • Support guides for municipal maintenance workers about management of problems of erosion and the free flow of watercourses;
  • Phosphorus balance report: assessing natural (forest, wetlands, water) and anthropogenic (urban, agriculture, roads, mining area, etc.) inputs of phosphorus;
  • In the framework of protecting drinking water intake, the company has developed an innovative approach to analyzing natural constraints of development and conservation and the identification of potential threats which requires weighting.
  • Develops and implements rehabilitation activities associated with the Water Management Master Plan.

A keyplayer in Quebec and Eastern Canada in the conduct of environmental impact assessments

  • Expertise in many windfarm projects in Quebec;
  • Involvement in several studies for mining projects in northern Quebec and Labrador;
  • Performs every step leading to impact assessment, from the collection of field data to the implementation of sectoral studies, the development of evaluation methodologies, weighting impacts and determining follow-up actions;
  • Has completed two successful impact studies for major mining projects as well as for two windfarm projects in Quebec;
  • Participation in the BAPE public hearings.

Number one in Quebec in the characterization of septic systems and implementation of corrective plans

  • Ability to support customers in all stages of their process, with the implementation of a program to empty septic tanks, sanitary survey, evaluation of the implementation of a remedial plan to the production of plan and specifications;
  • Visit of nearly 11,000 remote homeowners since 2006, the most reliable source in Quebec in terms of statistical data on the compliance and performance of self-health devices (data used by AESEQ, officials MDDEFP and MAMROT and Réseau Environnement).
  • The notion of vulnerability of septic systems in terms of environmental threat has been introduced in the framework of the protection of water intakes, which is a first.